ALL IN THE DETAILS: Working Hard Or Hardly Stylish

Whoever says you can’t go to work in style doesn’t know all the tricks! I’m standing on the corner of Broadway, watching people walk by with their hands over their eyes and maps fanning their faces, when my eyes are caught on an electric red dress. When I asked the Fashionista to describe what inspired her outfit, she ecstatically responded “The red. I wanted to catch all the attention when I walked into the room” which she did, in and out. Her vibrantly crimson dress is exuberant and poshly balanced by her nude accessories.

This Fashionista chose bone colored ankle strap pumps as the supporting star to match her hilarious wrist clutch, which finely quoted “I want it all.” Work attire never looked so good. Staying true to summer and respectfully professional, this look screams style. Its fitted cut keeps it classy yet sassy, while the beige cardigan goes well with her color palette (also following the general rule of not showing your arms in the office). This Fashionista was ready for summer in her vibrant red dress.

How To: If you want to make a statement in the office, go bright! Take your favorite dress or shirt and make it the center of attention. Support the article with minimalistic details, be it a purse, a hat, heels or sneakers. Be sure your accessories are not as loud but still make sense with your fashion statement wardrobe. This exuberant red and flesh tones were a good example, but other ideas for summer could be cobalt blue and white, yellow and grey, bright green and blue or the classic white and black (never not in season).