ALL IN THE DETAILS: Work to Weekend

After posting last week about how much I dislike summer weather, it is to no one’s surprise that I have been ecstatic over these past few days because the temperature in New York City has not risen above 65 degrees since Sunday. Naturally, I have been embracing the slightly chilly weather by donning my leather jacket to work every day, and I was thrilled to see that this Fashionista thinks the same way that I do. Then, I got to thinking about how a leather jacket might be the answer to a question so many girls struggle with: “How can I find a work appropriate outfit that doesn’t make me look like I just spent eight hours in an office?”

Not only does her jacket prevent her sundress from looking too casual for work, but it is the perfect transition piece to wear when leaving the office and heading out with friends. The detail on the sleeves and the numerous zippers covering the leather counteract any boring vibes that a simple dress might give off, which is perfect for a night out.

Attempting to find the perfect medium between day and night is a balancing act. For instance, a quilted bag is the perfect accessory for work, but choose one with a big chain and silver detailing to insure that you do not blend in too much once you are back out in the “real world.” This mix of classic and urban is perfect for any situation. Lastly, a styled ponytail looks polished during the day, but sleek at night. Booties insure that your feet will be able to endure a long day without forfeiting your desire to look chic.

How To: If you’re not one to embrace chains, leather and dark colors, don’t fear! Instead of directly following in this Fashionista’s footsteps, it is important to apply these tips to your own, unique style. If you’re one to partake in loud and colorful prints, you can make things interesting by choosing to wear edgier articles of clothing such as envelope skirts and bomber jackets.