ALL IN THE DETAILS: Woodstock Rock

Hip music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza always have fashion-forward babes pouring through their gates each season to jam, party and show off their glam. There is definitely no shortage of cute, colorful or creative wardrobes. Many Fashionistas look at festival season as a chance to channel their inner free-spirit and dress a little more creatively than during the average work week. Trendy, bold and stylish festival-goers provide lots of fresh, new style ideas that can be used to inspire your everyday ensemble.

This Fashionista channeled her inner rock goddess and hippy side while creating this Woodstock-inspired outfit. Her statement faux suede, fringe vest sets the vintage-themed tone for her overall look. By wearing a black tank top and shorts, her gold, boho accessories stand out and further embellish her vintage style. Rocking the black ankle boots and sunnies that accompany this Fashionista’s outfit, she perfects the compromise between concert and street style. It’s practical, fashionable and worthy of a fun night out on the town.

How To: Never be afraid to try something once, especially when it comes to fashion! If you dig vintage and this Fashionista’s look, don’t be scared to go for it! Vintage is hardcore trending and you’re bound to get TONS of compliments on your outfit. Pair any fun and flowy vest with muted colors underneath and go crazy with layers of bohemian/vintage design accessories. Add to your attire with strappy sandals/ankle boots or a matching oversized, floppy hat!