ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Weather Chic

As buckets of snow continue to pour down on the shivering East Coast, it’s easy to get lost in a sea white. Winter weather often becomes synonymous with the neutral pieces that litter our wardrobes: black boots, black coats, the list is endless. Well how does one stand out amidst a torrential storm of achromatic ensembles? Think bright colors and bold accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a pop of coral, vibrant green, or even a majestic blue. Top the look off with detailed adornments that create an element of texture to your outfit.

This Fashionista definitely caught my eye with her candy apple red coat. While black is the safest color in the book (as it is justifiably versatile and universally flattering), this Fashionista is not afraid to play with striking hues this season. Her vibrant coat serves as the pivotal element of her outfit and proves that a little color can go a long way. But she doesn’t stop there. To add a bit more flair, she dons a thick plaid scarf (a seemingly popular trend this season) that is both functional yet stylish. With her chic sunnies, she is ready to block out the harsh winter rays that can often be blinding against a landscape of snow. And to finish off her look, she wears a pair of gilded leaf earrings. These dainty, Grecian-inspired duds offer a bit of sparkle to an otherwise matte ensemble. This Fashionista illustrates that gold in the cold is nothing short of perfection.

How To: When dressing for those chilly temperatures, choose a hue that will function as the foundation of your outfit. Then build off this piece with thoughtful accessories. Try a patterned scarf or some glimmering jewelery to create a dynamic, attention-grabbing look.