ALL IN THE DETAILS: Winter Statement

With Chicago being in the middle of the winter and having bipolar weather, you never really know what to wear. One day it can be five degrees and the next day it can be 55 degrees. It is always challenging to think what would be the best outfit for the day. Today I was walking around Chicago’s downtown campus location, and I found a Fashionista willing to look her best and take the risk without caring for the low temperatures.

This Fashionista decided to wear a simple outfit and accessorize it to its fullest. She added a white and clear statement necklace to add a little bling to the neutral colors of her outfit and make it pop. She layered her outfit by adding a blue, warm wool coat, which helped her stay warm.

Neutral colors during the wintertime are a must, and you can never go wrong with white and black. This Fashionista wore a black top that helped her necklace show off in a better way; for her bottoms, she wore a simple black and white skater skirt with geometric prints. Let’s not forget about her royal blue high heels, adding a little extra detail to her outfit with a pop of color.

How To: Small details, such as a beautiful statement necklace or adding color to your neutrals, are great ways to accessorize a plain outfit during the wintertime. Don’t forget you can always play around with your accessories and add a balance of color to your look.