I’m a huge fan of eye-catching accessories that can completely transform an outfit. Whether it’s a quirky hat or a fun choker necklace, these kinds of pieces can bring a whole new dimension to your style. I’m especially fond of a unique watch.

Historically, watches were tailored to menswear. Typically, they were big, shiny and bold. They were also usually quite pricey. Swatch changed a lot of these watch concepts by creating fun plastic watch options in the ‘80s. Dressier women’s watches have also existed for some time, though they still can be quite expensive.

Lately, I’ve been noticing a comeback of sorts for watches in our generation. In particular, I’ve been seeing more and more young ladies trying out watches, and I love it. This Fashionista caught my eye with her bronze and gold Fossil watch. It definitely makes a statement and immediately catches the eye. What’s also wonderful about this watch is that it’s not so dressy that it can’t be worn for informal occasions, but it also doesn’t look cheap.

With a dynamic watch like this, it deserves to remain the center of attention. This Fashionista expertly wears a crisp denim shirt to complement her unique accessory. The rest of her outfit, including leggings, a tank top and some sandals, keep the look casual, but still fresh. She also keeps the rest of her jewelry to a minimum, letting the watch remain the focal point.

How To: New to the watch game? No need to fear. For a classy look that still can be worn on a typical day, I recommend a steel Fossil watch with a denim shirt. For a slightly quirky, but totally adorable take, I suggest one of these cute plastic Swatch watches paired with a printed sweater and jeans.