When photographing this Fashionista, she commented, “I can only use my ‘I’m gonna moon you!’ joke so many times until they catch on.”

Besides being beautiful, this Fashionista so happens to be a talented photographer and writer who was willing to share her stories of photo shoots gone wrong, awkward smiles, and how she gets people to laugh. “Everyone is so beautiful when they are laughing, the problem is getting them to really laugh and let themselves go”. Hence the classy mooning joke, which so far is just an empty threat.

No moons in sight, I set out to capture her look in the golden California hills. While this Fashionista may not look it, she carries a lot of years with her. Her jewelry is from all parts and people in her life, mainly her mother. It is funny how the things we never go out and shop for end up being the items we realize we don’t want to live without. This Fashionista never sought out the dainty geometric ring, silver and turquoise bangle and rectangular turquoise earrings featured in this look, her mother gave them to her years ago—small tokens from her own jewelry collection. With each additional piece in this look this Fashionista is layering on a cherished memory, gift or friendship that make the details in this look valuable beyond their physical worth.

The necklace that drops down past her heart is a gemstone she bought in Bodega Bay, CA with her best friend, each of them buying one so they could match and be #BFFs. The delicate silver and turquoise bracelet was a gift, purchased by a close friend in London. When I asked about her brown leather wrap bracelet she admitted that she bought that one herself, but I am going to go ahead and say that it was hand-made by a shaman in a small tribe and personally carried across the world just to find a home on this Fashionista’s wrist. Much more romantic that way.

The final accessories in this look are also the two most recent purchases; the sandals and the brown leather purse. About three months ago this Fashionista had the incredible opportunity to travel to Cuba and photograph the beautiful people and culture there. She not only came back with stunning pictures and memories, she also returned with the bag and shoes. Authentic leather and handmade in Cuba, pieces like this make for a perfect accessory and a great conversation starter.

How To: What makes this Fashionista’s look so special is the meaning behind each of the details, not necessarily the items themselves. If you chose to recreate this look, think about the people and memories that you hold most dear and find a way to incorporate them into your clothing. This could be wearing a piece of vintage jewelry from your grandma, spritzing yourself with the same perfume your mom always wears, or finding a chic way to wear one of your dad’s old sweaters he still hoards from his college years.