ALL IN THE DETAILS: White Is The New Black

Since summer is shortly coming to an end, the sunny days must be taken advantage of quickly. With the right essentials, you will be able to kick off the end of summer just right. Sunglasses have become a huge trend and statement piece this season. There are original styles, but we are also given various options that have even went back to the ’70s style, for example.

Every summer begins with the search for new sunglasses. Most often, the case is that you lost your old pair or you found a pair trending in a recent magazine you’ve subscribed to. My suggestion when searching for new sunglasses is to always be open to trying on every pair you see; you might surprise yourself with a pair that you would least expect yourself to buy. Before you make an impulse buy, make sure to question how well they frame your face. New styles and different shapes and colors have been the way to spice up your summer attire but be able to determine whether they are too big or too small for your face. This Fashionista gave us a glimpse of how she styles her every day outfits with her funky white shades, also known as the aviators.

With this Fashionista’s style of the day, she decided to take out the classic aviators but the game changer was that the shades were not the original black or brown you see every day. Her white aviators played a leading role in bringing out the neutral colors in her outfit. While her sunglasses expose a white glow, so do her platform shoes as well her stripes in her dress. Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s beating rays, but they also create the last statement piece in the puzzle your outfit might be searching for.

How To: Whether you want to splurge on a pair of new sunglasses or searching for a cheap pair; Nordstrom’s selection will fulfill your needs. Remember to buy or keep your case in a purse or bedroom so you will always be able to find it and less likely to lose it.