ALL IN THE DETAILS: White Before Labor Day

July 26th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: White Before Labor Day

There seem to be some pretty strict rules about when to wear white, and, though some winter whites suit well the snow-strewn streets, there is still certainly no better time to embrace la belle blanc than the height of summer. Summer in the city? Taking a head-to-toe white ensemble out on the city streets sounds something like a recipe for disaster, but you still want to get your tint on, you say? Accessories are the ideal way to work it! Making the most of white accessories will instantly add a fresh, eye-catching and classy element to your summer outfit.

This Fashionista has embraced summer style stunningly by combining a navy embroidered romper with a pair of pale wedges, and some well-done white accessorizing. Her white highlights especially drew attention to the beautiful, embroidered details in her clothing. What was best about her look was how her well-constructed and planned outfit appeared oh-so-effortlessisn’t that the `dream?

Making the most of a New York shopping day, this Fashionista showed off her brand new monogrammed satchel. This bag was a great size for both work and play, and the personalized touch is made such a universal tint so individual and unique. Monogramming is a great way to make an accessory personala true investment piece that will see the owner through many summers to come.

Though anyone can work a monogram, not everyone is so particularly blessed with a head for hats. However this Fashionista had no such problem, and styled her wide-brim straw hat wonderfully. The wide brim and gold edging really made this sophisticated hat stand out, topping off her outfitliterally. Though it stands true bigger may not always be better (or practical), there’s something out there for everyone (where brim size is concerned); a great accessory for taking summer city chic.

Summer may be the best time to embrace white, however, that doesn’t mean it needs to be reserved for the beach! Bring a little sunshine to your summer classes or internship office with some accessories in summer’s whitest and brightest.

How to: The best way to make white accessories really pop is pairing them with a plain, simple outfit. Darker colored dresses, rompers or playsuits are ideal for keeping attention in the details. Be bold, and don’t worry about limiting yourself to a singular great accessorysummer is the time to show off; to embrace hats, handbags and sunglasses that are both practical and fabulous.