ALL IN THE DETAILS: When in Doubt, Pin it Out

ALL IN THE DETAILS: When in Doubt, Pin it Out


Just scrolling through my social media alone, I constantly see the unique trend of patches and pins. This ‘90s comeback is certainly on the rise, and I was totally lucky to find a Fashionista who rocked this look. I’m really loving how little these little details can not only spice up an outfit but also add a personal touch. Pins make any jean jacket look one of a kind, and pretty much anyone can pull of this trend.

This Fashionista’s pins are as cute as a button and absolutely go with her simple but adorable look. This oversized decked out denim jacket is paired with stylish shades and a chic tote. The weather in Philly has been a whirlwind of fluctuation—sweltering and sunny one day and rainy and cool the next—so a denim jacket is a must-have for those cooler nights. But wait! Pins and patches can go on more than just denim. Bombers, baseball caps, crewnecks and even shorts are all up for grabs when it comes to customizing your clothes, and it certainly doesn’t stop there. I am so on board with this trend; it’s so fun, and I really think pins add something unique to an outfit—they’re definitely a conversation starter. Plus it gives you the ability to really make the look your own.

When any cool beach summer night approaches, I always grab my jean jacket, and now I can’t be more excited to get to finding pins that match my style too!

How To: Etsy is your place to find hundreds of cool pins that suit your style; go as crazy or as simple as you want. Make sure the rest of your look correlates with what you choose to pin because balance is key. Now go find those pins that are just so you!