ALL IN THE DETAILS: What time is it?

Ah, ‘tis the season to be jolly…NOT. During these miserable winter months, finding ways to get excited about leaving your cozy bed in your warm dorm room to brave both the cold and classes seems unfathomable. However, the best way to beat seasonal affective disorder, or (quite fittingly abbreviated) SAD, is bright colors! What better way to feature vivid colors in your outfit than with accessories? Some opt for a bright beanie or scarf, while others opt for cheerful leg warmers or gloves. This Fashionista is taking an alternative route to winter-appropriate accessorizing and rocking a bright yellow watch with her relatively subdued outfit. Pairing jeans, a simple dress shirt and bomber jacket with a athletic-looking neon watch, this Fashionista’s outfit is at once put together and playful—the latter, a great coping mechanism for winter SADness.

A watch is so much more than an accessory. Our lives revolve around time: scheduling classes, due dates, events, coffee dates, date nights, the list goes on! Instead of using a phone or other device to keep the time, why not take a cue from this Fashionista and invest in a watch? A watch is a joy to own and wear, and more than anything, an object of necessity with the added bonus of myriad styles and looks. I myself haven’t worn a watch in a while, but after seeing how this Fashionista styled her sleek winter outfit with a bright piece such as this watch makes me yellow with envy. So for those of us who still think ever-so-fondly about High School Musical, “what time is it?” Yes, wintertime, but also time to get a brightly colored watch to give your dreary-winter-mood a boost!

How To: There are many ways to style a watch as the focal point of your outfit. You could do like this Fashionista and go bright, you could take a minimalist approach or go the classic route. Pair any one of these watches with a relatively plain outfit: jeans, a dress shirt and jacket, or slacks, a long sleeve shirt and a coat. Add the watch and watch your mood (and those who see you) get lifted.