ALL IN THE DETAILS: What Are Those?!

I might not be obsessed with the hilarious Vine that went viral about shoe mockery, but I am still obsessing over this Fashionisto’s amazing shoes! I might also be lying about my Vine addiction, but that’s not as important. Shoes are a pivotal part to every outfit, but still many people seem to forget their importance. Shoes are one way that can make an outfit, or totally break an outfit and have people stopping you in public asking you, “what are those?!” and not in the good way. Wearing a statement shoe can often be too much when you are already wearing a detailed outfit, but this Fashionisto shows you how to have the perfect balance of detail without going overboard.

By wearing a simple outfit such as an oversized T-shirt, black denim jeans and Ray-Ban Wayfarers, it makes your eye drawn to his shoes. It’s also important how he chose to wear all black so that the vibrant white of his canvassed creepers are even more intriguing because they contrast that much more. I also love this Fashionisto’s brave jewelry choice. Wearing one earring gives an asymmetrical feel to his entire ensemble that really makes him stand out. He is a prime example of how just a simple shoe choice can make his outfit go from dull to divine in a heartbeat.

How To: Scared to wear a platform or a combat boot? No worries, as long as the majority of your outfit is monochromatic, chose a contrasting shoe color choice to make your outfit pop.