We love bags—creative shopping bags for you to look chic even during grocery shopping or glamorous evening purses to make you the focus of the night. It is true that classic purse designs are things everyone pursues. But new designs are popping out every season. No matter how weird the shape is, there’s always an outfit for it.

This Fashionista was holding her Alexander Wang purse walking down the street. Despite the fact that it’s not a usual purse shape, the combination of the different textures is novel and rarely seen from other brands. It is a floated boat shape purse with two angels on each side. The whole purse is made out of leather but with three different prints. On the left, the print imitates wood texture, which looks authentic but “weird” at the same time. In the middle is the classic “all-black” from Alexander Wang. The difference is the texture use again; it creates a stereo look for the black. On the right comes white and gray, creating a dot and water splash pattern. The purse could be seen as “weird” the first few moments you spot it. You may even find it hard to relate to your closet and think of an outfit that goes well with it. However, keeping an odd purse that goes under no category in your closet is a must.

How To: Don’t hesitate when you spot that weird but cute purse sitting in the corner. If you like it, try on similar colors or clothing shapes to match with it. Your purse could be cute or funky—it all depends on you.