ALL IN THE DETAILS: Way to Accessorize

Accessories are a tricky business. Even the smallest dose overboard can make a look go from fab to drab in an instant. Personally, I prefer a minimal amount of accessories with simple touches like a dainty gold chain necklace, a classic black watch or a fedora. These accessories can be worn with a variety of items and could be dressed up or down. They are simply great additions to any Fashionista’s collection.

One thing that summer weather does help with, besides making the outdoors even more gorgeous and welcoming, is accessory options. Hot weather means less clothing, but this doesn’t mean sacrificing your style! You can now break out that new body chain, ornate bohemian headpiece or an oversized statement necklace all for the sake of summer! The season is all about experimenting and trying new things while having fun. We all remember those summer flings.

This Fashionista knows that summer means bringing out the big guns, which is exactly what she did with her killer duds. One would think that such a statement necklace would overpower the outfit and make it too much, but it actually works perfectly with the other pieces in her outfit. I was actually surprised that it worked so well with such large earrings, as balancing the two is never an easy task. The look blends seamlessly into summer’s sunny atmosphere and gives off a beach-chic vibe.  She balances her, if I may say, dynamite accessories with the neutral combo of black and white and simple straight hair. This blonde bombshell is ready for a day at the beach, a round of put-put golf or to grab an ice-cream cone with the girls.

How ToGo ahead and grab that daring accessory you’ve been dying to try out of the depths of your jewelry box. The summer days are dwindling down and what better season to give something fresh a spin? Pair it with the ever classic T-shirt, jean cut-offs and Converse. Presto! You have yourself a match made in heaven.