The summer sun has finally graced the skies of the concrete jungle. During the warmer months, nature’s beauty and the structural beauty of architecture merge and create the uniqueness that is summer in New York. There is something about the sunshine and the summer breeze compels me to spend as much time as possible outdoors while I intern on Wall St. As much as I would love to take my work by the water, alas, it has to be done inside. Luckily, you can embrace the summer not only with what you do but also with what you wear. Putting a little extra effort into incorporating your inspiration in your outfit can satisfy your #SummerFeels.

This Fashionista’s outfit blends structure and softness seamlessly. Her floral chiffon dress is juxtaposed with her choice of accessories. By incorporating an oversized denim jacket with cuffed sleeves, a large round-faced watch and timeless rounded frames, the outfit continues to mimic elements of the city. Like this Fashionista, I like to mix different textures and draw inspiration from my surroundings when putting together an outfit.

By mixing the different textures of denim and chiffon it adds an element of interest to the look. Plus, it makes the look versatile. If it’s warm you can tie the denim jacket around your waist and when it gets chilly in the evening you can throw it over your shoulders.

How To: Have you ever been afraid to wear contrasting pieces in the same outfit out of fear of clashing? Summer is the perfect time to experiment with accessories and texture in your outfits. Just make sure there is a common theme between the pieces you choose to pair with your outfit.