ALL IN THE DETAILS: Wardrobe Of Wine

When we walk around campus, the black coat is the most popular item for college students. Black seems to be the safest color in the world. I also like to wear black because it can help me look slim. But the problem is that it would be a little bit boring when everyone is wearing black. Sometimes, I can’t even recognize my friend wearing a black coat from the crowds. Getting bored of black in the winter? I recommend a burgundy wine color to you.

Wine is also a dark hue, but it is a more elegant and seductive one. Just like the wine we drink, this color is really tasteful. I spotted this Fashionista wearing wine tones from her lips to her toes. She was wearing vintage-looking wedge boots paired with her scarf and lips. She didn’t wear a large piece of clothing in wine color but, instead, used her wine color accessories to highlight the outfit.

Under her accessories, she wore high-waisted leggings with a long sleeve sweater. When we talk about high-waisted, we think about vintage. Here, she had a corresponding vintage style on the boots and high-waisted leggings. Not only does she have a vintage look, but she also had a corresponding style from her lips to her toes through this fabulous wine color.

How To: If you have something in a wine color, don’t hesitate to try it on. You can also buy some headbands, lipsticks and small accessories to highlight your outfit. You should especially put on some lipsticks because you will want to see your seductive wine-stained lips. It will make you pop out from the crowds.