ALL IN THE DETAILS: Versace, Versace

The sun has been shining bright in New Jersey these past couple of days. This Fashionista is wearing a simple striped maxi dress. The maxi dress she is wearing has a thin striped pattern allowing her to add any detail to her outfit she prefers. She ended up choosing sunglasses as her number one detail!

She explained that sunglasses in general have become her new favorite accessorized detail. Instead of styling her outfit of the day with plain old Ray-Ban’s, she styled it with Versace! These Versace sunglasses don’t only add a chic flavor to her outfit but make her look very sophisticated and comfortable. Not only that but they are a major fashion statement! (I mean come on.. it’s Versace!)

Sunglasses like Versace are pivotal in any outfit on a sunny day. Unlike cheap sunglasses, they provide protection from ultraviolet rays and from glare. Besides the Versace sunglasses and striped maxi dress, this Fashionista is wearing a studded shoulder bag similar to this one and gold sandals similar here. Sometimes, when putting an outfit together, you don’t need to have a lot of items on to make it stand out. The Fashionista here proves that point!

How To: Instead of wearing a maxi dress to replicate this look, you can wear a black or white maxi skirt instead with a striped crop top to make sure you don’t take away too much from the rest of the outfit. Topping it off with some wedges, a shoulder purse and your favorite sunglasses! This will surely make the chic flavor of this outfit continue on.