ALL IN THE DETAILS: Vacation Vibes

June 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Vacation is a huge part of summer for plenty of people, whether it means a road trip, family reunion or visiting the head mouse at the happiest place on earth. Most of all, vacations mean getting away and stepping into new shoes for a change. Unfortunately, not only can vacations be pricey, but not everyone’s summer is school-free and most jobs can’t wait for every employee to take two to three months of R&R. However, just because you aren’t on a vacation doesn’t mean you can’t take a “staycation” and act like it. More importantly, this Fashionisto proves that not being on a vacation doesn’t mean you can’t dress like it.

Comfort is often overlooked when it comes to fashion, but one thing that pulls together this Fashionisto’s look is the casualness. Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, so it’s only right that this type of outfit follows the same guidelines. What makes his outfit stand out are the little things: the mixing of patterns and his distressed jeans. Because he wore a button-down with a downplayed pattern, there’s no clashing risk in wearing bold shoes, like his palm-tree-covered Vans. His light wash jeans are softly distressed and don’t distract—the perfect balancing act between the two patterns. With this outfit, he could be on his way to a summer class or hopping in his car and heading straight for Huntington Beach.

How To: The key to staycation style lies in the details. All any Fashionisto or Fashionista needs would be colorful prints or accessories that could pass for vacation necessities. If you’ve got the heat, but you’re missing the beach, throw on a pair of wayfarers and a cool fedora—after applying sunscreen, of course! Funky patterned button-downs are big in men’s clothing, which is a plus for us all. Fashionistos, a patterned shirt, chino shorts and the aforementioned accessories give you the perfect mashup of vacation vibes. If you feel like going old school for a ’90s throwback, try a bucket hat. Fashionistas, ever notice those same men’s shirts tend to run a little long? Your silver lining is that men’s shirts can easily be turned into dresses. All you need is a larger size and a skinny belt. Try to choose a pattern that reminds you of somewhere else you would rather be. With an overload of color, there’s no chance your day will get dull!