ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tube Socks With A Twist

This Fashionista has gone for an original twist on a classic sportswear item: the tube sock. She’s claimed this bland, generic accessory and made it her own. By incorporating these high socks, she’s given a stylishly, sporty vibe to a boho-chic look.

Besides her heather gray tube socks with white stripes, this Fashionista is also rocking a white flowy top with deep slits on the side. These shirts have gained a lot of popularity lately, and they’re a great option for a casual look or even a night out. Since the sun is finally coming out, she’s brought her legs out as well. Her top is layered over a heather gray skirt, and it’s all finished off with a black denim moto jacket.

The minor details really set several pieces in this look apart. For example, the zipper details and shape of the jacket add some structure to an otherwise free flowing look. Additionally, the backpack’s buckles and brown leather detailing are nice touches. And we must not forget her adorable brown booties.

Each accessory perfectly accentuates the color scheme of her outfit. I love that she stayed with muted gray and brown hues that don’t overpower the carefree vibe. Overall, the entire outfit emits a relaxed, tomboy feel.

This look is for the no-fuss, laid back, casual type of gal. You get the perfect mixture of dolled up and dressed down for a day full of responsibilities. If you’re looking for something that will be fun to replicate, this is one for you.

How To: Got a pair of tall socks that seem too sporty to incorporate into your wardrobe? Make them fun with a pair of white, Converse high-tops, a bandage skirt, a plain T-shirt and a structured jacket. You’ll be yet another Fashionista to take this classic to a whole new level.