ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tribe Queen Dreams

A tribe is a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader. Tribe Kelley is a unique clothing brand standing for uniqueness and individuality. I spotted this Fashionista on campus representing exactly this. Her unique, individual, eclectic style embodies this tribal vibe. Although the owner of Tribe Kelley, Brittney Kelley, is deemed Tribe Queen, I’d say this Fashionista is our Tribe Queen on campus.

Starting with perhaps the unsung hero of her outfit, the Tribe Kelley charcoal gray, suede flare bell-bottom pants take me to another time and place—imaginably to a midwest teepee in the 1500s. Paired with a basic tank top and a beautiful tribal pattern statement cardigan, her outfit pays homage to tribal culture.

This Fashionista made a big impact by adding a few small items to her look. Her rustic arrowhead necklace from Knot & Arrow is layered with her Tribe Kelley key necklace in order to pull together the Tribe Queen look. The arrowhead glistens with the sunlight hitting it, catching your eye as she walks. The arrowhead, no longer available, can be substituted by any of the beautiful sculpted gemstones by Knot & Arrow. The key necklace has great detailing that adds to the outfit. These keys have the word TRIBE inscribed on them, representing the tribe’s acceptance of members. These earthy colorings incorporate an American Indian tribal vibe, taking us back to the true ancestry of America. All-American, for sure, this Fashionista rocks the Tribe Queen dream, completing her look with a pair of Minnetonka fringe booties.  Debatably, the best part is that this outfit is versatile; it is perfect for any occasion, be it going to class or out for a night on the town.

How To: Whether you are joining the tribe or just rocking the look, grab yourself a pair of neutral, earth-toned bell-bottoms and pair them with some vintage accessories. Toss on a printed cardigan and be ready to channel your inner tribe queen.