ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tribal Tribute

Hello Fashionistas/os! Summer goes by in a blink of an eye. It is already August and school is around the corner. But always remember, cherish every single detail and make sure you are having a blast by doing so. The best ways to wrap up our summer vacation is by experimenting with fun patterns, colors, fabrics and prints. Just be yourself and have fun while dressing up throughout the few days of summer we have left. I hope everyone is having a marvelous summer vacation, either enjoying the beautiful hot weather or spending time with those you care most about.

This Fashionista’s outfit is best for brunching, night outs, lounging or for a nice hang out. She incorporated tribal prints, denim and a kick of a sporty-chic look into her style. Tribal prints started off in the ’20s and were originally called “Chinle pattern.” The Navajo designed Chinle pattern came to form in the ‘20s. This pattern was mostly seen on rugs. This particular style is coming back to fashion and accessories. This Fashionista’s tribal print crop top is a haltered top with straps behind the neck to give off a classy yet feminine look. To add an interesting glimpse, she paired her crop top with her shorts and a brown, braided belt. Combined with her cool blue high-top Converse, this outfit would not be completed without her Steve Madden sunglasses. Her sunglasses elevate the entire style and make the combination put together. To sum everything up, this Fashionista accessorized her outfit with her metallic flash tattoos to give it a very bohemian yet an authentic fashion statement.

Being able to incorporate prints and layers into an outfit is a fun way to make an outfit great. My favorite color is black. I can dress all in black even in the summertime, but this Fashionista convinced me to wear prints whenever I want to have an effortlessly majestic day, which I will not complain about.

How To: Afraid of mixing patterns together? You can always mix and match any given pattern, print or fabric with a solid color or you can do what this Fashionista did—layer it up with any fabric. Solid colors are always best when paired with patterned fabrics.