ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tribal Tribute

Hello Fashionistas/os! I hope that every single one of you is having the best summer of your lives so far, doing everything you want and enjoying your school-free time. But let’s get down to business now. Have you ever had one of those days where you don’t know what to wear because it is slightly cool out yet the sun is blazing hot and you still want to be cute? Well, this Fashionista has the perfect solution for you here: plain quarter-sleeve T-shirts with tribal pattern shorts.

This look is both simple and statement-worthy if you are looking for an easy outfit to pull off on a day like that. The detail of the tribal bottoms blends so freely with either an accent color top or one that just matches them that you can wear this whenever. It is all in the details of the shorts that make the outfit more than just a simply long shirt with shorts when it comes to summer. Of course, her bracelets add a little extra pizzazz to what could have been a very dull outfit if it were not for the shorts, but her bottoms are patterned enough to stand on their own. And to top it all of this chick is in her most comfortable bralette and Birkenstocks. Of course, not everyone needs to accessorize the same way, you can swap out the “comfy” shoes for a pair of cute wedges or make sure that your top has some sort of lace detail, but if you follow this chick’s simple template then you will be on your way to success.

How To: Imitating this outfit is easy and possible in two simple steps: one, find a pair of absolutely amazing tribal shorts (high-waisted or low-rise) and pair it with whatever long sleeve shirt that you want or feel most comfortable in. The shoes and accessories come after, but the shorts are the most important part so make sure to choose wisely.