ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tradition Meets Trend

In the style world today, many Fashionistas are advocating to get rid of old rules, including only wearing white after Labor Day, choosing among gold or silver accessories and the inability to mix navy and black. Luckily, fashion is now all about walking to the beat of your own drum and expressing personality. However, there is some value in respecting the rules once initiated by the retired fashion gods.

In this article, the Fashionista featured is honoring the the cardinal fashion rule of always matching your shoes and bags. Many have rejected this rule on the terms that it looks to “matchy, matchy.” However, this Fashionista displayed that following tradition can still be trendy.

This Fashionista chose to feature cognac leather riding boots and a KORS Michael Kors tote. By choosing a neutral color, the matching shoes and bag look like a natural choice rather than a forced one. In fact, in her outfit, the choice is aesthetically pleasing. She chose to offset the cognac color of the boots and bag with a cozy leggings and a cardigan. The subdued colors of the light pink shirt and beige cardigan complement her accessories perfectly. In addition, her patterned skull scarf gives the outfit elements of edge and trend. Overall, this Fashionista did an excellent job mixing patterns and neutrals to convey a natural look that was still worth noticing.

How To: Have a matching pair of shoes and bag that you can’t resist coupling? Then go for it! Just make sure to offset the pair with a complementing color palette throughout your outfit. Try simpler pieces to showcase your awesome shoes and bag and to avoid over styling.