The winter in Pittsburgh can be surprisingly brutal and usually requires the warmest of outerwear. It’s all fun in games until the wind chill is below zero degrees! Luckily, this Fashionista knows how to stay stylish while also staying warm! Her tweed peacoat perfectly accents her outfit while adding to her mostly black ensemble.

This Fashionista pairs a gray, black and cream sweater with a black floral illusion blouse. This perfectly mixes the elements of femininity and comfort. To this combination, she adds black skinny pants and brushed suede booties. Her booties add another feminine touch to her outfit without compromising warmth. Her black Isabelle Fiore bowling bag style handbag adds another layer of depth to her outfit. Her Apt. 9 tweed peacoat is the final addition and perfectly ties together her neutral ensemble.

Peacoats come in many different shapes and silhouettes. This Fashionista’s pick is double-breasted and complete with leather accents. Some peacoats come with pleats, but this Fashionista opted for a more slim-fitting look with a belted waist line. This feminine jacket is sure to be a favorite in any closet because of its neutral colors, trend-setting possibilities and cute collar.

Tweed may be seen as a strictly Chanel style, but it doesn’t have to be. Tweed is the perfect addition to any closet, especially in neutral colors. It adds the perfect texture to any outfit while leaving the option for more textures or more colors.

How To: Want to add the perfect texture and silhouette to your outfit? Pair a form-fitting tweed coat with any neutral colored outfit to add a touch of texture and femininity to your ensemble!