ALL IN THE DETAILS: Toned Down Accessories

January 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Whenever I think of the classic American outfit, I always picture a pair of jeans paired with a button-down shirt. The jeans must be blue and the shirt usually has either blue or red thread running through it. Typically, leather accessories find their way into the mix to round off the all-American ensemble.

The Fashionista I spotted checked all the boxes for this all-American look, but her classic leather accessories—a pair of riding boots and a tote bag—were a little bit different. Her tote bag was made up of three different colors: red, brown and tan. This multi-toned purse really caught my eye when I spotted her walking down the street. Although the colors were only subtly different, the different tones of leather in the bag gave it just the right amount of dimension to make it stand out. Her tall riding boots were composed of both black and dark brown leather, and were topped off with gold hardware. Not only does the two-tone aspect make the boots more interesting, but it allows them to match almost any outfit!

To accompany her multi-toned accessories, this Fashionista wore a long sleeve, plaid button-down shirt made up of blue, green and red, dark blue skinny jeans and a pale tan infinity scarf. Each component of the outfit works together, but really lets the originality of the multi-toned leather to be the star of the show.

How To: Want to change up your usual classic style? No problem—just add a two-toned accessory to give your classic wardrobe new life. Add some color with a pair of flats, a purse or a wide-brimmed hat.