June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

As you may already know, your clothes are way more than just your clothes. The way we notice each other’s personal style is by recognizing the minor unique differences in each look a person puts together. Whatever detail you choose shows a lot about your preferences. So here, let us take this ensemble under the microscope of how the details make us feel.

Starting with this black lace dress, this is what I call a DRESS. What an eye-catcher. From far away this black dress with a simple silhouette makes you look twice, and the second time you see the beautiful lace charm this dress has to offer. It’s so cute, yet dark and mysterious—this dress is perfect for many events and many times of the day.

Moving onto the heels. Well, these are heels, yes, but they have that boho look of cork and brown going on with the thick heel and the strappy top that just makes these not fancy, and that is honestly the best kind of heels; the ones you can wear during the day without looking out of place.

Finally, let’s discuss the jewelry. We all love jewelry, the problem is just some us may tend to neglect it out of forgetfulness (or laziness… don’t look here) Let us get over that and go to the bright side of looking even more perfect than you already were. That is what this jewelry does for this outfit. Look at that gold color with that black.

These cute little things that you want to so easily bypass when putting your ensemble together are actually quite critical to having the most put together look, which is really a great goal to have when getting dressed. Don’t forget the details.

How To: Look at your outfit in the mirror, and notice where your eye is drawn to. If you can;t find multiple point that stand out from the rest, then you don’t have enough details! Add small parts and start to create eye-catching points.