ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tip of the Hat

Winter in Miami is very unpredictable so Fashionistas and Fashionistos here have to be able to adapt to the random changes in weather. Some days call for warm knits and cozy sweaters to combat the fierce chill. Other days it’s practical to wear denim cutoffs and crop tops to beat the heat. And still others are in between with a chilly breeze and hot temps. In all this confusion during the winter months, it can be hard to come up with the perfect outfit that will keep you comfortable while still looking chic. The Fashionista featured here was prepared for one of those breezy and sunny days with her stylish look.

This Fashionista wore a vibrantly colorful and billowy outfit that stood out in the best way possible. Her outfit was so detailed with gold jewelry and a dainty purse. Even though all of these accessories take the outfit to another level, the most trendy piece is undeniably the wide-brimmed straw fedora. The hat completes the whole look and is a great way to keep your eyes protected from the bright sunlight on days like these. This winter unique hats are sold in almost every clothing store or boutique. Hats can be a versatile and useful part of everybody’s wardrobe no matter what the occasion. Going for a night out around town? This edgy hat can be the perfect statement piece. Want to add a sporty twist to your campus attire? Try this cheeky cap. Having a picnic in the park? Throw in a pop of color with this red floppy hat.

How To: If you want to amp up an outfit or hide the evidence of a bad hair day, try wearing a hat. They can change the whole mood of your look and they’re so easy to wear. Hats come in all shapes and sizes, so try on different ones to find out which one suits you the best.