Sometimes finding the right accessories can be a real struggle. I for one struggle to find the right accessories on the daily and can admit that it is my biggest weakness when it comes to styling. Some people, however, have been gifted with the ability to put outfits together from head to toe with ease. This Fashionista is one of those people.

When I asked her to share her thoughts on how she pieced this look together, this Fashionista admitted that she didn’t really put thought into it. She just did it. (All Nike fans, rejoice!).

This outfit, that came with ease, was created by using a minimal number of clothing pieces and keeping every aspect of the look nice and simple. The look begins with a basic midi black dress, and is taken to the next level with the addition of a classic red flannel and white high-top Converse that give it a ‘90s grunge vibe.

Although those three pieces already make the look rad, this Fashionista completes it in two ways. First, she rolls her sleeves up, which adds a bit of dimension to the outfit by making the sleeves a more favorable length. Second, she adds the perfect statement accessory. Her gold watch adds shine to the outfit and, being the only accessory she has, it becomes the cherry on top of her look.

How To: Next time you’re running short on time, make the challenge of finding the right outfit easier. Throw on simple pieces and add a gold statement watch or bracelet to complete your look.