As world-renowned French shoe designer Christian Louboutin once stated, “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”

The majority of the time, an outfit can either be completely on point or it can fall short due to lack of proper accessorizing. The latter often happens when footwear is not placed into the equation. While it can be incredibly tempting to throw on a pair of flip flops this summer, resist the urge! Take a break from those cheaper Old Navy investments and experiment with a trendy pair of lace-up heels, flats or sandals.

This Fashionista chose to accentuate her style with a pair of lace-up chunky heels. She proves that a simple black jumpsuit can be spiced up with the addition of grunge accessories such as chunky black heels, a felt hat and a body chain.

This type of footwear can be worn with essentially any outfit. The cut of this Fashionista’s jumpsuit hits her legs at the perfect length to show off the aesthetic of the shoes. While her particular pair of lace-up heels hit mid-shin, there are many other options that come in shorter lengths and are just as flattering. For example, a shorter style lace-up flat can be paired with a pair of cigarette jeans and a simple T-shirt for everyday wear. This will add flair to an otherwise basic ensemble.

How To: Ready to recreate this Fashionista’s bold take on the lace-up trend? First, slip on a cropped black jumpsuit. Then you’ll need a pair of black, chunky heels with a leather or lace tie. You’ll want a pair that hits at mid-shin, if not higher. Don’t forget to add embellishments with a unique body chain and a fun felt hat.