With the cold winter weather still upon us, it can be frustrating trying to find new ways to stay fashionable on top of all of the endless amounts of layers that are necessary to wear, here in Illinois. However, it is not impossible to keep things fresh and exciting. This Fashionisto proved that point with a simple accessory that made his layering appealing: a tie. By adding this detailed accessory to the outfit, it created a classic yet casual look that any college man could pull off.

When I used to think of ties, I automatically thought of formal wear, but in today’s fashion world there are many different ways that a man can utilize neckties. This Fashionisto rocked the tie in a unique way by choosing to wear it to class. By doing this he was able to show off his personality while still keeping his layers on to fight the winter breeze. His tie pulled the whole look together by creating a neutral color schemed outfit by wearing a neutral patterned tie. The beige in his shoes and the charcoal gray in his watch reflected the tie’s colors perfectly.

How To: Need a fun way to dress up an outfit? A tie is the perfect way to do it! Whether it’s dressing up or dressing down, a tie can pull together any outfit. Not only is it an easy way to add a little something extra, but it is also a way to express your style. Ties are available in all sorts of colors and patterns, which are bound to fit any look. They are also easily obtainable in a variety of stores.