ALL IN THE DETAILS: Through The Looking Glass

Glasses have had their ups and downs in the world of style. When I first started wearing glasses as a kid, I was constantly made fun of and called “four eyes.” However, as I got older, things began to change for the dreaded eyewear. Suddenly, glasses, which were once the kiss of death, had become the must-have item when it came to accessories. We can thank adorkable Jess Day from New Girl for this change of heart, with her large and cute frames. All of a sudden, instead of glasses being traded for contacts, those with perfect vision opt to get glasses without prescription lenses.

The question is why has everyone changed the way glasses are viewed? The answer is glasses, like everything else we wear, show off our personality and how we can express ourselves. Whether hipster, nerdy or chic, there’s a definite pair of glasses out there for any Fashionista’s style.

This Fashionista’s frames caught my eye the second that I saw them. I have never seen anything like them before. They are green, square hipster style glasses. The sides of them have a fun design, which I thought was really unique. However, even though they are colorful, the glasses go with anything. Since most of us wear glasses every day, it’s ideal to get them in a neutral color.

Her glasses seem to add that extra bit of color needed for her summer outfit. Her outfit is casual and neutral. She’s wearing a strapless white lace shirt and a pair of khaki pants. For shoes, she’s wearing a pair of brown sandals. For a finishing touch, she’s added a few bracelets with the evil eye and Hamsa charms.

How To: Getting a pair of glasses that matches your personal style and face shape is crucial to owning your pair of glasses. Glasses are cool because you can make it your signature feature that goes with any part of an outfit.