ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Three B’s—Bougie Backpack Basics

With summer only beginning, luckily the weather has not been too too hot here in NYC. The light breeze coupled with great air conditioning makes wearing jumpsuits still plausible. I ran into this Fashionista on the street exiting the art building here at NYU. A sorority sister and role model Fashionista of mine, Bori is always dressed to impress. Her outfit here screams chic, comfortable and practical. Taking summer courses on campus? Working at an internship for the summer? Want to just look edgy and cool? Then you are in need of a backpack, but preferably one that isn’t just a regular JanSport.

Bori is toting an MCM backpack that unsurprisingly is the staple piece of her outfit. Although the jumpsuit is a killer piece—easy to wear both for the day and for the night—the backpack is what catches your eye. The beige coloring of the jumpsuit allows for it to be a nude canvas, needing color, studs and patterns to spice it up. This Fashionista paired the ensemble with gold jewelry to complement and brighten the color scheme. Gold accessories are the best for the summer—they enhance your tan, make an outfit seem a bit warmer and go great with any hair color! Bori is wearing bold earrings that are even shaped like a block of gold, which perfectly bring attention to her face because of their size and color. Aside from the backpack, another accessory to note are her shoes. Again, a chic but comfortable accessory, these shoes are great because they act as a contrast from the main statement piece. They complement the color scheme of the MCM bag, but their pattern gives them an edge that steals a little attention. Thus, this Fashionista’s accessories—from the designer backpack to the gold accessories to the patterned sneakers—are what make you stop on the street and think, “Wow, that girl looks trendy!”

How To: Although a designer backpack can get a little pricey, you can diffuse the situation by leaving the rest of the outfit to more affordable pieces. This Fashionista counteracts the price of the MCM backpack with the Zara jumpsuit, NASTY GAL earrings, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, and Vans sneakers. To get the look, a more inexpensive option could be a Tory Burch or a NASTY GAL backpack. Follow this Fashionista’s lead and wear gold accessories and a statement backpack to really rock this summer’s trends!