Winter weather can be a hassle, especially for college students. As we trek through these frigid months feeling as if we are in The Revenant, longing for spring, style can make this season tolerable. A true Fashionista/o can make a statement whether it’s raining, snowing, or even below freezing temperatures. This Fashionista proves that no matter the weather, she’s ready to do the style Samba.

Echoing winters darkness, she stuck with a black and gray palette, yet by adding a pop of various colors throughout her look, this Fashionista makes winter less dreary. This gray, wool sweater coat with a black and red pattern keeps this Fashionista warm and makes her stand out in the sea of puffer jackets on campus. By adding this faux fur, black Mongolian fur collar to her ensemble, this Fashionista’s winter look becomes even more distinctive. This vibrant plum, long sleeve turtleneck cohesively fits in with her ensembles color palette. One can never go wrong with jewelry, so this silver chain necklace with a black stone is the perfect addition to this look.

Black jeans are a necessity for ones wardrobe because of their ability to compliment a diverse range of clothing. These black, leather knee high boots are ideal for walking in winter weather. Using the red from her coat as inspiration, this Fashionista decided to ditch an ordinary backpack and supplement it with this unique red, leather bag to carry her textbooks.

When your manicure is as wicked as this Fashionista’s, you need to show it off. These black and gray fingerless gloves with a black fur trim are an exquisite accessory to do so. They also compliment the accompanying accessories and color palette of this look exceptionally. It may be winter, but sunglasses are still a must, especially these blue tinted clubmaster sunglasses. Walking to and from class can be boring. However, with these gray sequined, tweed wired earmuffs with black fur trim, this Fashionista can Samba her way to studying while listening to her favorite songs, like “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. The details in this look are essential for a Fashionista to have a stylish, wintry day!

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