ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Punk Princess Bride

July is here, and that summer sun that we have been craving for has risen to the occasion. It seems like I have been waiting months for Mr. Sun’s appearance. However, if I remember anything from middle school science class, it’s that darker clothing will soak up all that heat. Which means for all you fashion babes who like to match your black with more black, things could be getting sticky, literally.

In my opinion, it’s harder to portray what your personal style is in the summer. Because of the warmer weather, you aren’t able to layer as much, which could cause you to lose different dynamics in any look. Like the weather, my style changes all the time. I have my fair share of days where I want to look like a grunge goth princess, but I always limit my choices to the darker shades in my closet, which is a problem! That’s why when I saw this Fashionista, I was instantly impressed by her effortless, punk summer look.

The key to this look is that she started off with a classic summer staple, a simple white dress. Sure, every girl should own a classic little black dress, but during these summer months a white dress in your favorite silhouette is your new best friend. It’s like a beautiful blank canvas ready to be painted, and that’s exactly what this Fashionista did.  She added some bad-ass accessories to show off her edgy style. All of the details she included in her look were bold and colorful. The first thing that caught my eye were her super quirky scissor earrings. Her creepy skull necklace and bracelet complimented her floral high top Vans to a T. The leather backpack gives off total punk girl vibes, while her gold watch and rings added a soft feminine touch.

This Fashionista topped off her look by rocking space buns which makes her look like the newest Spice Girl. I heard Posh wasn’t up for a reunion…watch out girls, here comes Goth Spice.

How To: Want to show off your style while still staying cool this summer? Take a note from this Fashionista, grab a white dress and flair it up with your own favorite fashionable accessories and details.