ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Princess and the Pup

July 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

I found this dynamic duo on the Mountainlair Green, a place to hang out or play sports during gaps between classes. This Fashionista and her adorable Chow Chow were just too cute to pass by, as you can plainly see. While I honestly stopped to play with the puppy, I couldn’t help but notice just how well-dressed her mommy was.

This Fashionista hit every current trend right on the head. From the lightweight, tie-dye spaghetti strap dress, to the stunning layered head chain, she knew just how to work every aspect. I loved how she mixed and matched all the different sets of bangles that she owned, along with the regular rings and the midi rings, as well. It gave her look a sense of dimension, making sure that your eyes could never just stay in just one place. She was also rocking these amazing cognac lace-up (and zip in the back) gladiator sandals that were to die for. My favorite part of her jewelry, though, was her elegant palm cuff. I had only seen these on the runway and was dying to know just where she got hers. I am excited to see where this trend goes! I have a feeling it will definitely take off, and this Fashionista is well ahead of the game.

However, the cutest accessory to this Fashionista’s outfit was her prissy pup, Mavi. This too-cute pooch was sporting her new glitter collar with a big purple flower to complement her mommy’s dress. The two together were turning heads the entire time we were photographing, and they just kept getting cuter!

How To: Wearing gladiator sandals can be tough. The trick is to get the right height that works well for your body. If you are a little on the short side with short legs and/or torso, go with a higher sandal, closer to the knee, like this Fashionista. This will elongate your body, as well as making you look thinner, too. A shorter sandal will only cut your legs in half, making you and your legs seem stumpy. However, if you are on the taller side, a shorter sandal is perfect for you. Chances are, dresses and shorts already look shorter on you, so if you add a shorter sandal, it will balances things out to the perfect length. Also, I would dare to say that tie-dye is slowly becoming somewhat of a classic. While we see it grow in popularity every few years, it is something that can always be spotted during the summer. My advice would be to pick a color palette that works well with your skin tone, and DIY! You’ll have the perfect activity for a rainy day and a beautiful hand-made product that is right on trend.