ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Power Of A Purse

The famous Marilyn Monroe said it was diamonds; others ladies might argue chocolate but let’s be real, what girl only has one best friend? I have several, and if we started adding inanimate objects into the mix the list would only grow longer. Diamonds undoubtedly make the cut, but there is no accessory more reliable than our purses. They carry all of our stuff for us, keep track of all of our important items and will go anywhere with us; if that’s not best friend material then I don’t know what is! Think about your last trip out without your trusty bag. I promise it was torture. I recall misplacing my phone at least six times.

This gal-on-the-go knows exactly what’s up! She looks simply flawless in her white button down and denim skinny jeans but it’s that tan cross-body bag that brings this look home. Classic pieces like her simple blouse and skinny jeans are items that most ladies have in their wardrobe. These items can sometimes be overlooked because of their simplicity, but as this Fashionista shows us by adding the right accessories this look is far from simple. Her bag is the perfect size for any busy school girl, and the cross-body strap makes carrying it around campus so simple. She could easily toss a small notebook and pen into that Brighton bag and be ready for her bright and early lecture. In addition to her Brighton purse this Fashionista also accessorizes with a leather bracelet by the same designer, a pair of sunglasses and fun strappy wedges. All of these earth tone accessories made her potentially plain outfit particularly perfect for a summer day at school!

How To: Think of it as dressing backwards. Start with your favorite purse, add any coordinating heel, mix in a denim jean and finish with a solid colored top. Don’t forget to toss your sunglasses and notebook into your bag and you’re ready for your day!