ALL IN THE DETAILS: The One-Piece Wonder

September 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

With summer heating up and the temperatures rising, finding the perfect outfit that makes a statement, while also being breathable, comfortable and classy can be tricky. The romper is a great choice for any occasion—especially when it is so hot outside! Rompers are a bold, flirty outfit choice as they combine shorts with a cute top in one piece. You can easily add accessories to your look, but a romper with unique or exotic details makes a statement all on its own!

This Fashionista chose a lace-embossed romper with a crocheted mid-line detail. The baby pink romper is light, cute and fun while allowing a multitude of options for her to either spice up her look or keep it simple! For this look, she chose a large pearl necklace to accent the detailing on her romper and dressed it up further with simple, nude strappy block heels. Additionally, her large, wide-brimmed sun hat adds a unique, classy twist to the overall ensemble!

The interwoven mid-line detail of the romper helps accentuate this Fashionista’s figure, while still making her look classy and elegant. The loose fit and light material of the shorts makes the romper cool and comfortable for a hot day, but the overall look is fashionable enough for a day in the city or a lunch with friends. The straps of the romper create a flattering trapezoid on her back as the straps tie loosely in a bow at the top.

How To: Once you find that perfect romper that makes a statement, while also being a comfortable and cute look, you won’t want to wear anything else! You can add different accessories to enhance and accentuate your romper. But keeping it simple and letting the romper speak for itself is a look that can never go wrong!