ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Modern Classic

Pearls, aren’t they perfect? They’re the oceans most beautiful creation and have the power of transforming any woman into elegant and feminine. Coco Chanel for instance, or the Queen of Pearls as I like to think of her, is a permanent style icon, who was and continues to be remembered for wearing these jewels around her neck.

The Chanel empress, brought us the Little Black Dress, and gave women around the world a solution to transforming an outfit into classic and chic; pearls. She gave women the option of dressing comfortably yet still looking elegant as she always did.

Nowadays, the definition of a “classic” style can many times be a tad blurry and confusing. Does it mean you’re preppy, you only wear loafers and your pattern choices are limited to plaid? Of course not, it means you can wear hot, trendy items and bring in classic elements to your look and make it what I like to call “modern classic,” just like this Fashionista did.

For her hot, trendy items, she chose a printed pair of joggers with metallic details, and a white tank-top with an edgy neckline. Following Chanel’s advice, her classic element of choice was pearls, both for her earrings and necklace. She also chose big black sunnies a lá Audrey Hepburn (classic) and ballerinas with a silver twist, along with an elbow patched cardigan (very, very classic).

How To: To create your very own Modern Classic look like this Fashionista, make sure you select both hot, trendy items, as well as classic ones. Classic elements can vary from earrings, to shoes all the way to your favorite Calvin jeans. As long as you have both, you’re a modern classic gal! In case you need some inspiration, look up photos of your favorite classic style icon, and favorite current style icon and combine a little of them both.