ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Four Ways to Wear the Red Bandana

July 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

Are you bored with your same accessories and are ready for a refreshing and playful look? This summer, tons of celebrities have rocked the red bandana trend. This “Wild Wild West” accessory made stand out appearances in 2016 at Coachella and red carpets, just to name a few. From wearing it in their hair, to around their necks or around their arms as cuffs, style icons have managed to become more personal and creative with a simple accessory.

The red bandana is a fashion essential because of its flexibility and attitude. That’s why I chose this Fashionista to show you four easy but different ways to wear your red bandana according to your mood or outfit. Before the addition of the scarf, this Fashionista’s outfit was undoubtedly cute, but lacking. Her grunge black lace-up boots, ripped blue jeans and off-the-shoulder top were missing a color pop.

With the addition of the red bandana, her outfit went from simple to chic. This fabulous bandana can be worn as tie scarf in the front of your neck if you’re going for a sweeter appeal. First option doesn’t suit you? That’s okay! It is possible to rotate the scarf so that the tie is behind the neck, giving a thick choker look. This Fashionista demonstrates option number three, a sexy Western look, with her cowl neck wear of the red bandana. To rock the cowl neck trend, simply fold your bandana in half to form a triangle and tie I behind your neck. Lastly, the classic summer of ’99 summer camp look, the bandana headband. For this look, fold your bandana in half to form a triangle and then keep folding to form a straight line. Proceed to wrap the bandana around your head and tie it on top!

Every single one of these styles translate into your look differently. The red bandana adds edge to any outfit, so if you’re feeling edgy I would encourage you to try this affordable and trendy option. As Fashionistas, we hate being tied down to certain trends and styles. This multi-wear bandana offers free interpretation and can complete any outfit!

How To: Needing a little extra something to add attitude to your outfit? Try out the red bandana in any of these four ways! Just make sure your core pieces are simple because overpowering prints will clash with the bandana. Remember, the bandana is the focus of your look!