ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Feisty Floppy Hat

February 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

Blizzard Jonas has officially left the building everyone. He came with a vengeance and certainly did a number on my fellow Baltimoreans and I. Schools and jobs were closed, roads were the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime and we were all down for the count except for the few equipped with monster trucks or snowmobiles (not that I saw any). It literally looked like a scene out of Frozen. Now, a week later, the ice caps are slowly starting to melt. It is currently 48 degrees outside, and to me, it feels like summer compared to Jonas’s little gift of below 20-degree temperatures. My obnoxious oversized winter jacket can take a little break.

This lovely Fashionista’s ensemble reflects this break Mother Nature has so graciously given us. Her fur-lined BCBG jacket is just enough to keep her warm, while still looking edgy and ready to tackle whatever syllabus week throws at her. Those trusty Old Navy boots are also perfect for the snow and any run-ins with ice. What makes this outfit so great though, is her amazing use of accessories. Those red earrings that so perfectly match her lipstick immediately caught my attention. They add the perfect pop of color to brighten the entire outfit and give it a touch of femininity. However, the true staple piece of this outfit has to be that Topshop floppy hat. It pulls the entire outfit together from head-to-toe. It is the perfect size so that it adds a sense of drama to the outfit but stills appears modest and flirty. You go girl!

How To: This look is really versatile and easy to imitate. All you need is a cute pair of skinny jeans, your favorite pair of boots, a leather jacket and a colorful accessory to give it some flavor. Some may choose to take or leave the floppy hat depending on the occasion, but if you’re feeling feisty or need a little extra pep in your step that day, I say go for it!