ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Daytime Choker

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Daytime Choker

I am a huge “people watcher” and more specifically an outfit watcher. The best way to always get some fresh live fashion advice is to sit back and observe. Strolling down the streets of New York City, I took in just how much fashion of today is recycled from old ’80s and ’90s trends. The plaid flannels, the jean skirts, fanny packs and my personal favorite: the choker. About a decade ago, I would not leave the house without my rainbow colored rubber choker shown proudly around my neck and the fact that I can still now rock that same choker is pretty unreal.

While there are various choker styles to pick from, one style currently on the rise is thick, black velvet. This chic look can take any outfit from basic to sleek, but can often be tricky to pull off during the daytime because of how “fancy” it can seem. My advice is to play it down with neutral colors, like this Fashionista has. Light wash boyfriend jeans are also a good call for the daytime look because they are very laid back and make the outfit more casual as a whole. The choker can be a statement piece in itself, so keeping the rest of the outfit low-key is best.

This Fashionista paired her ensemble with tan (again think neutral colors) wedges and a big oversized tote that complete her outfit for perfect city street style.

How To: Don’t be afraid to embrace the daytime choker. Have fun pairing the choker with any looks as long as you are sure to keep them simple and laid back!