ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Complete Fashionista

When I look for a potential Fashionista in Cleveland, I try to focus on a single point. Her outfit can sport simplicity/complexity, specific colors or a certain theme. This Fashionista, however, unusually struck me on several points at first sight.

Diversity, or multiple focal points, in an outfit is something I would strongly advise against. However, the featured Fashionista smartly juxtaposes basic items without much overlaying to bring out the most in all the items she has on.

A cropped, denim jacket on a plain white cotton T-shirt acts like a blank canvas. A high-waisted, black maxi skirt underneath is a rather unique combination, in my opinion. The brown bag that sports a more vertical shape complements the maxi skirt well. It’s all very well coordinated below the neck and above the feet.

Now for the personal, popping touches. If I had to choose one color on her outfit to describe as the theme, it would be the pink on her umbrella and mani/pedicure. The earrings and hair clips she has on are different from the norm as well. I especially love the accentuated triangular earrings.

The final touch that cleans up the outfit and completes it is the cool thong sandals that are color matched with the inner T-shirt on her top. If it had been pink, that would’ve made the color redundant; with black, the outfit would’ve looked too somber. The white shoes that take up probably the least surface area on her body are, without a doubt, the most important piece of clothing she has on — they definitely deserve this whole paragraph.

Despite the media, I do not believe art can be objectively measured or used as a form of competition. Even simplest comparisons can offend. However, I want to leave it at that. This is the Fashionista that made my writing the easiest. The sheer number of items well exceeds the bare minimum, yet all the colors and pieces don’t swallow her figure. A person’s eye will not naturally rest on a single point, but it won’t have any problem doing so given the will. If there were such a thing, I would definitely give her the “Most Complete Fashionista” award of the season.

How To: Want to achieve color balance on your outfit? Big, emphasized pieces don’t need accompaniment. Make sure smaller colors are more evenly spread throughout the outfit!