March 8th, 2016 at 2:10am

There comes a time in every Fashionistas/os life when his or her current wardrobe options just don’t cut it. Sure, you have a lot of cute clothes to work with, but there’s only so many times you can mix and match pieces and pair them with different shoes before the initial spark starts to dissipate. This is often because too much time and energy is spent on assembling the main components of an outfit without taking the time to add statement accessories or makeup that can save a look. Sometimes, it’s all in the details.

This Fashionista decided to uplift her otherwise casual look with a statement bag. The white envelope clutch is large enough to be functional and is the perfect contrast to the muted gray dress. It is a fantastic alternative to the ever dependable cross-body or tote bag. The red heart clasp serves as a great focal point, adding a pop of color to the outfit. The clutch and sandals make the outfit feminine and fun.

The attention to detail is apparent throughout this Fashionistas look. She continues to show her appreciation for the little things with the jewelry and accent nails. The spiky necklace gives the look an edgy feel, while the pearl earrings keep it classy. I love how the overall look floats between both labels.

Though the bag is the look’s focus, the dress makes a subtle but certain statement of its own. The front knot and cutouts are both flattering and trendy. It gives the traditional T-shirt dress a makeover, while still retaining the same comfort value. I love how versatile the dress is, as this chic Fashionista could easily be headed to class or to a party.

How To: Are you feeling like your outfits could use some upgrading? Are you tired of carrying around that backpack that’s starting to make you feel like a turtle? I suggest that you come out of your shell (pun intended), grab a cool clutch and work it like this Fashionista does!