ALL IN THE DETAILS: The All-White Aesthetic

When I saw this Fashionisto, I couldn’t help but turn and gaze at him. His outfit was just way too nice. It epitomized swag and sophistication. Everything about it drew me in closer. His SisQó blonde hair, white shirt and pants, sunglasses and Riccardo Tisci Nikes commanded my undivided attention. So much so that while this Fashionisto was walking amongst a sea of people, he became the only person worth noticing.

Not a single piece of his ensemble was as quintessential as his color choice. When talking to him about it, he mentioned how important white is to his wardrobe. “I wear white a lot,” he said. “It helps to bring out my complexion. It brings out me. It just pops.” Wearing the color white can be a very bold statement, and this Fashionisto values it for that reason alone. His all-white outfit is aesthetically daring and allows him to stand apart from a crowd. I admire his look because it is so risky. I can’t begin to imagine how careful you have to be…I know by the end of the day I’d just spill something or other on myself. It takes a great amount of patience, skill and overall discipline to strut around town in an all-white ensemble. This Fashionisto is in a league all his own because he can do so. His all-white aesthetic reigns supreme and dominates every space it’s in. It outshines all other ensembles put before it.

His whites speak louder than other garments I’ve featured this summer. He reminds me that this color can be just as bold as any neon or metallic color. White pops, and this Fashionisto’s summer look only confirms this fact.

How To: If you’re like me and afraid to wear white, try taking a couple pointers from this brave and ever-so stylish Fashionisto, who dons the all-white look perfectly. You’ll need a white button-down, jeans, sunglasses and sneakers to complete this look.