March 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey y’all! Being from the South, I couldn’t be more excited that the weather is warming up. Absolutely everything is better when you can walk outside without freezing, right? However, just because you’re wearing less clothing doesn’t mean that your outfit inspiration should be anything short of fabulous. This is the time to play with hemlines and cutouts, but don’t forget that with exposing more skin comes the opportunity to accessorize even more.

This Fashionista’s accessories are absolutely on point with her outfit. If you don’t own a wrap necklace, go ahead and invest in one now and give yourself the gift of always having the perfect accessory to go with any outfit. The long necklace that she wrapped around her neck twice to give the illusion of a choker is what caught my attention, but as I kept photographing her outfit I saw the wrap bracelet she had on and fell in love! This trend is so great for the upcoming warmer seasons because the wraps can pile up your arms and necks that are now free from layers of clothing!

Like I mentioned before, warmer seasons are a time to play with the cuts of your clothing, and this Chaser brand T-shirt is the perfect example. The front is pretty classic of the brand, but the back is where the attention to detail really stands out. These tops can be dressed up or dressed down any way you like! Don’t be afraid to take risks this season; you won’t regret it.

How To: Creating a look like this can be done so easily. When you’re out shopping, look for extra long accessories—possibly so long that you wouldn’t typically be attracted to them. Thats how this necklace look was created! Another thing to look for is cutouts that help to let you layer clothing in the summer while keeping things cool; imagine this top layered with an awesome bralette!