I can think of very few more relieving moments than getting the “all classes are canceled today due to inclement weather” text.

Here on the East Coast, we’ve gotten our fair share of snow and wind chills this season leaving Fashionistas/os everywhere longing for the day we can trade in our Bean boots and parkas for espadrilles and rompers. But until then, we’ll have to make the best of our last month of snowy days and chilly nights.

I often find myself looking through pictures from my summer trip to Europe and vacation to Brazil during snow days. As a Miami girl born and raised, warm weather clothing will always be closest to my heart, however, a change of seasons is sometimes just what the Style Guru ordered.

When the forecast calls for several feet of snow and chilling winds, the last thing most college students are concerned about is making sure their outfit is “on point.” However, as a Style Guru, I must question: is it really too much to ask to simply be warm and not look “bleh?”

I spotted this Fashionista on our last snow day, and she has the answer to that million-dollar question. The answer lies all in the details. She snatched her cheetah print silk scarf that was tied to the handle of her summer leather tote bag sitting in her closet and transformed it into an ear warmer. Genius, right? Her cable knit sweater and super practical Sorel boots were key to making this look cohesive, stylish and most importantly, cozy.

My inner Miami girl can contest to the fact that seasonal fashion doesn’t have to consist of clothing specific for that season. In addition to ear warmers, silk scarves can be worn as strapless tops, tied around top-handle bags, or even braided into your hair.

So, spend the last few weeks of snow days enjoying breakfast in bed and finding ways to incorporate some warm-weather muse to your cozy winter looks.

How To: To use your favorite silk scarf as an ear warmer, start by laying the scarf on a flat surface. Fold the scarf in half so it looks like a triangle, then continue to fold until it is a rectangle. Wrap the scarf around your head, and tie the ends together with an elastic ponytail so you can easily adjust it!