ALL IN THE DETAILS: That Summer Flare

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer vacations and break from the wonderful world we call college. All I can tell you guys is that I desperately want to be at the beach everyday with a sundress and hat on and an ice cream in my hand, but unfortunately, that dream is not possible at the moment. With that said, the hot summer days are coming in full swing, it is hard to know the way to prepare for the heat.

This Fashionista has the perfect hint of summer, style and comfort in this warm weather ready look. She beautifully paired a cropped white top with a pineapple skirt to give the look a summer flare. The top is thin and white which is a color that keeps you cool in the sun, hence making it ideal for the summer heat. The skirt gives the look a splash of color, and the pineapples give a fun and flirty accent to the outfit.

This Fashionista’s look is all about the accessories. She pairs two necklaces to give the effect of a layered look. Layering necklaces complements any solid shirt and they pop beautifully across a white one specifically. She also uses a white leather side bag to hold all of her essentials for a fun-filled day in the sun. The bag pops and is a nice pairing with the printed skirt due to the fact that it’s a solid against a pattern. This Fashionista also wears a vibrant array of bracelets, which add dimension to the look—it is the little things that we must pay attention to. With a sleeveless top it is a convenient accessory to forget including in an outfit but this Fashionista took advantage of the free arm space and filled it with simple pieces.

Whoever said that you had to be in a meadow to be one with the flowers clearly hadn’t met this Fashionista. The look is completed with a beautiful flower headpiece, which perfectly pulls the summer look together.

How to: Have you ever been hesitant to pair unlikely accessories together in addition to over-accessorizing an outfit? The summer is the perfect time to experiment. Try by starting with a very simple outfit, maybe a pair of jean shorts and a white T-shirt. From there focus on adding a bag, a few bracelets two or three necklaces and maybe even a headpiece to complete the outfit. By wearing such a simple outfit you by default draw attention to all the small details of the look.