ALL IN THE DETAILS: That Blazer, Though

Hey there, fellow Fashionistas/os as we all know there are many great pleasures in the world such as the sound of the ocean, shopping with your friends and taking the first sip of homemade lemonade on a hot summer day. My small pleasure is seeing someone who knows how to make their outfit pop by solely focusing on one detail of their outfit.

There is nothing I love more then a really nice put together outfit that makes me look twice. This Fashionista made me do a double take when I saw her because of that amazing blazer. The color on it just suited her so well and I love the fun, almost ethnic print on it. I also love the way she styled her blazer with a simple black jumpsuit with a belt and wedges. This Fashionista knew how to make her blazer do the talking for her outfit because she also added just a few accessories but not enough to take any attention way from her statement piece.

What I also love about this Fashionista is that she made an outfit that you can wear from day to night. It’s fun and dressy at the same time and it’s an easily achievable look. Make sure you save this Fashionista in your memory bank because your going to want her look.

How To: To achieve this look, you’re going to need a colorful printed blazer, a black jumpsuit, a few accessories and some simple black wedges. Once you have it all, make sure you get out there and own that sidewalk.