ALL IN THE DETAILS: Thanks for the Vintage!

When I was younger, one of my favorite parts of the day was watching my mom go through her beauty routine. Watching her color her hair, tone her skin, and just get ready for the day in general always excited me for the days that I would be able to do all those things myself. Now, living on a college campus, I see how many different ways there are to get ready for the day!

This Fashionista also took a cue from her mother and sported some of her mom’s vintage accessories. Layering is a great look that is in style right now and this Fashionista took full advantage of that. In my opinion, the best part about layering accessories is getting to show off a lot of jewelry at once while, at the same time, the accessories complement each other and your overall look.

While many of the rings worn by this Fashionista were inherited, some were also purchased from secondhand stores and boutiques. One of my favorite places to find great deals on unique vintage accessories is at antique stores! Antique stores offer so many knick-knacks as well as very useful things—from dishes to accessories.

This Fashionista’s sweet neutral outfit works for day and night worn with wedge heels and a hat with a good-sized brim. The accessories, including the rings and arm cuff are what really take this ensemble to the next level though!

How To: In order to get this Fashionista’s look, simply look to your family tree. Almost any female family member should be willing to let you search through their old jewelry. Updating your wardrobe while taking a walk down memory lane with family is the perfect way to spend an afternoon!