These cold winter months can be such a drag. They leave you dreaming of warmer, sunny days wearing bold colors and your favorite tank top. Instead, you feel forced to wear dark colors and bundle up in bulky, unflattering layers so you can survive the freezing temperatures. Well today I’m here to show you that you don’t have to sacrifice your style for warmth. This Fashionista demonstrates that you can add color and flair to your winter wardrobe while also staying warm and being practical.

In order to achieve a killer look, it’s important to choose a pivotal piece that you can style the rest of your outfit around. The key element to this look is the burgundy skirt with contrasting blue embroidery. Your eye is immediately drawn to the pop of color and elaborate embroidery adorning the skirt. This look would be so much less effective without this detailing. Texture and pattern is always a great way to spice up your outfit. She pairs this skirt with neutral-colored tights, crop shirt, fedora and matching burgundy boots. Another pop of color was added by her yellow socks. What’s really important here is that she chose a mustard yellow rather than a bright yellow. By doing so, she created a look using a combination of neutrals, complimentary hues and an overall muted color pallette. Topping off her look with a trendy winter coat, this Fashionista has successfully put together a tasteful, winter-ready ensemble without sacrificing her personal style.

How To: Want to piece together a fabulous, yet warm outfit without sacrificing your style? Use neutral colors but be sure to add a few signature pieces that add a pop of color or splash of texture, keeping a muted color pallette in mind. Accessorize with your favorite pieces of jewelry or hat, and top off your look with a chic winter coat.